The Battle of Red Cliff

Feature: The Battle of Red Cliff The Battle of Red Cliff (208) was a turning point in history, checking the imperial ambitions of Northern warlord Cao Cao (曹操) and inaugurating the Three Kingdoms period. Having taken the Han emperor under his 'protection' and secured his territory in the north, Cao Cao marched his vast army southwards, seeking to complete his conquest of China. Yet he suffered cataclysmic defeat at Red Cliff at the hands of the allies Liu Bei and Sun Quan and was forced to retreat northwards, incurring devastating losses en route. [...]

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Seven Worthies launched

The Seven Worthies goes live The Seven Worthies site has gone live! We start with just the seven worthies themselves - the group of scholars and officials from the third century AD who assembled in a bamboo grove to discourse on philosophy away from the pressures of court life. I hope that this list of seven, which gives the site its name and is the inspiration behind it will soon be joined by many more of the exciting-sounding lists from Chinese philosophy and historiography - the eight immortals, the three kingdoms, the four treasures. There's still more to do [...]

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