5 Virtues of a Thief

sagehood "...appraising the valuables in a room - that's sagehood." 夫妄意室中之藏,聖也 courage "...being the first to break in - that's courage." 入先,勇也 righteousness "....being the last one out - that's righteousness." 出後,義也 understanding "...deciding whether the raid is possible - that's understanding." 知可否,知也 benevolence "dividing the spoils fairly - that's benevolence." 分均,仁也 [...]

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Seven Worthies launched

The Seven Worthies goes live The Seven Worthies site has gone live! We start with just the seven worthies themselves - the group of scholars and officials from the third century AD who assembled in a bamboo grove to discourse on philosophy away from the pressures of court life. I hope that this list of seven, which gives the site its name and is the inspiration behind it will soon be joined by many more of the exciting-sounding lists from Chinese philosophy and historiography - the eight immortals, the three kingdoms, the four treasures. There's still more to do [...]

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